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  Situated in historic Makaha Valley, Makaha Valley Towers was once Oahu's largest condominium development.

    Conceptualized and constructed by Honolulu entrepreneur Chin Ho (who, many believe, lent his name to the original Hawaii Five-0 television-show character with the same name), the Towers (as local folks know them) arose in the 1970s from defunct sugar plantation lands purchased by Ho and a hui (partnership) of like-minded Oahu business men.

     Located just up-valley (a little more than one-mile) from culturally-significant Makaha Surfing Beach, Makaha Valley Towers is no longer Oahu's largest condominium complex, but, to this day, is still the island's only residential development with its own bus route!

     Towers' home ownership is available at entry-level pricing, units start at around $140,000, making MVT one of Hawaii's most affordable places to purchase a piece of paradise. 

Makaha Valley


  The Waianae Coast, located on the northwestern portion Hawaii's Oahu island, accommodates the only remaining rural communities in the greater Honolulu area.

      Separated from the rest of Oahu by the island's oldest mountain range, and its tallest peak, Mt. Ka'ala, Makaha Valley, and the communities of Waianae and Makaha, have long considered themselves apart from, and off the beaten track of, the island's metropolitan center.

      With its own grocery and drug stores, a comprehensive medical center, eateries, banks, hardware suppliers, auto-repair businesses, and a multitude of other services and enterprises, the Waianae Coast is fully self-contained, providing virtually every need required by its residents.

      Veering off towards the mountains from Farrington Highway, the Coast's main thoroughfare, and heading up into the many valleys, a motorist will find numerous agricultural operations, acres of farm lands planted with organic vegetables, tropical tree fruits and native-plant restoration efforts.

      But it's the beaches for which the Waianae Coast is noted. Primary among these is culturally-significant Makaha Surfing Beach, the birthplace of the contemporary age's surfing revival, where even today Hawaiian long-board wave riding is celebrated.

      Along with Makaha, other coastal areas of note are Ma'ili Beach, with its miles-long stretch of sand and opportunities for shell hunting; Poka'i Bay, its sheltered waters hosting picnics, swimmers and paddleboarders, and remote and uncrowded Keawa’ula Beach, often referred to as Yokohama Bay, for the Japanese fisherman who, once upon a time, set their nets from its shoreline.

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