Welcome to the Waianae Coast!

Oahu's "Palm Springs!"

   Perpetual sunshine, uncrowded beaches, slower paced, and “that local feel,” is what many folks find appealing about Oahu's West Side, the Waianae Coast.

     Consisting of the communities of Nanakuli, Ma'ili, Wai'anae, Makaha and Makaha Valley, the Waianae Coast honors its reputation as the “non-touristy” part of the island.

     Living on the Coast is about cultivating family ties, celebrating a leisure lifestyle, relishing things slower paced and, of course, savoring a year-round, temperate climate.

     Combine the exceptional weather with surf breaks aplenty, hiking trails crisscrossing nearby mountain ridges, a wilderness nature preserve and the island's most affordable real estate, and you have true access to that movie dream of “The Endless Summer!”

Weather, or Not?

   A “cold” winter's night on the Waianae Coast, where temperatures might dip into the mid-60s, is no place for a frosty snowman, but the perfect location for a cool shave ice!

     Although record low temps have been known to reach way down into the low-to-mid 50s, winter-evening averages generally don't fall below the mid-60 mark.

     As for winter-time highs, the mercury usually hovers around the upper 70s and into the very-low 80s.

     Flip the seasons, and summer-time highs may occasionally reach into the low-90s, but generally maintain themselves around the upper 80s.

     Yet as the old-time, summer expression proclaims: “It's not so much the heat as the humidity!”

     Hawaii is unique among tropic locations in having relatively low humidity levels. Also, wind direction has an important impact on the comfort level.

     If the humidity stays below 65 percent, and the temps don't rise above 85-degrees, the days are magnificent. Throw in trade-winds which flow from the east, with either a northern or southern component, and Nature's air-conditioning rules the day.

     Swing that wind around from the south, however, then humidity climbs substantially, and mugginess becomes quite noticeable.

     Conversely, during those days when wind blows down from the north, local folks claim to get quite chilly.

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